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Host a Screening

Share the power and inspiration of The Black Candle with your community by hosting a film screening at your home, local library, school, community center, place of worship, Kwanzaa venue, or any other location. Here is everything you need to organize a successful event:

1. Choose Location and Format

Choose and confirm where the screening will be held. Ideal spaces would be equipped with DVD Player, projector (or TV) and sound system. If the space does not have that, you can bring your own audiovisual equipment.

Decide the format of your event. Will the event be free-standing or will it be part of a Kwanzaa celebration? Many successful screenings have post-film discussions, guest speakers, or a panel featuring people with valuable insights. If you are interested in having the director M.K. Asante come to your event for a post-film Q & A discussion, please email coordinator Imani Wright at booking@mkasante.com

2. Order a Screening DVD or Kit

You will need to order a DVD with Public Performance Rights (Public Performance Rights allow you to screen the film in public). The DVD you need for your screening will depend on the type of organization hosting the screening. There are 3 categories:

Colleges, Universities, and Museums: Colleges and universities must purchase the $300 Educational DVD for Colleges and Universities. This DVD includes Public Performance Rights and comes with 3 promotional posters. Click Here to Order.

K-12 Schools and Public Libraries: K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, and Non-Profits must purchase the $80 Educational DVD. This DVD includes Public Performance Rights and comes with 3 promotional posters.

3. Promote and Publicize your Event

Publicity helps get people to attend your event, and also raises awareness for those who can't be there! You may want to spread the word through mass e-mails and through social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. You may also want to work with partner organizations, put posters and flyers up in your community, or even send press releases to local media.

Additionally, please email us the details of your event so that we can post it on theblackcandle.com/screenings

In addition to the posters that you'll receive in your screening kit, we've created a number of downloads that may be useful. Click Here to visit the Downloads page

4. Prepare for your Event

Test Equipment: In preparation for your screening event, you should test your equipment to make sure that everything (picture, sound, etc) is working correctly.

Prepare for post-film discussion: You may want to download a conversation guide that will make it easy for you to lead a discussion about issues in the film.

Confirm: Confirm everything with the venue, discussion participants

5. Video and Sound Check

Before the screening, we recommend running a video and sound check with the equipment you will use for the event. To do this, run the DVD and make sure the sound and picture are clear.

6. The Event!

We suggest giving a brief introduction before the screening to let people know that there will be a post-screening discussion, and to encourage them to stick around!

Once the film is over, you can give away posters that came with your screening kit and announce that you'll be selling the DVDs that came with your screening kit, and have someone available with the DVDs during the discussion.

7. Tell Us How It Went

Please let us know how the event went. We'd love to hear about people's reaction to the film, the post-film discussion, memorable moments. Your stories help to inspire us to tell more stories that need to be told.